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Public Sector Pharmacy Partner Pilot Programme

The Public Sector Pharmacy Partner Pilot Programme has been established with selected private pharmacies to improve pharmacy service to public patients.

This programme will increase the options public patients have to fill specific Vital, Essential and Necessary (VEN) prescription drugs. In addition to public health facilities such as Drug Serv, public patients will be able to visit a participating Pharmacy Partner to fill their prescription and this should reduce waiting time and make it easier to get medications.

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Patients can choose to fill the prescription they received from the Public Hospital or Health Centre at the selected private pharmacies that are participating in the Public Sector Pharmacy Partner Pilot Programme. There is a service charge of $200 to fill your prescription at a participating pharmacy.

Patients will need to have a TRN in order to register. Go to any of NHF’s Drug Serv locations and say you want to Opt-In to the Public Sector Pharmacy Partner Pilot Programme.

The pharmacy staff will check if the patient has a GOJ or a NHF Card. If he or she does, and the medications are on the approved list, he or she will be registered to use a Public Sector Pharmacy Partner. The patient can then go immediately to a participating pharmacy to fill their public sector prescription.

Please see the programme's Questions and Answers brochure for additional information.

Please see the list of the Participating Pharmacies.