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What is the National Health Fund?

The National Health Fund was established to provide financial support to the healthcare system in Jamaica, with a view of improving the healthcare effectiveness and the overall health of the Jamaican population.

What are NHF Individual Benefits?

The NHF Individual Benefits assist individuals meet their cost of prescriptions, for specific chronic illnesses. It provides pharmaceutical support for the treatment of these illnesses through two programmes:

NHF Card - which provides subsidies to beneficiaries of all ages to treat 16 chronic illnesses.

JADEP - which provides a specific list of drugs free of cost, to beneficiaries who are 60 years and over for the treatment of ten (10) chronic illnesses.

What are NHF Institutional Benefits?

The Institutional Benefits function provides grants to institutions through two funds:

  1. The Health Promotion and Protection Fund, which provides funding for public & private sector projects in educational and primary care activities that promote healthy life-styles, protect health and prevent illnesses in support of the national healthcare policy.

  2. The Health Support Fund, which provides funding for public sector infrastructure and development projects that support the national healthcare policy using the Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) Essential Public.

What are the conditions covered under NHF Individual Benefits?

Arthritis, Asthma, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Hypertension, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Major Depression, Prostate Cancer, Psychosis, Rheumatic Fever Heart Disease, Vascular Disease, High Cholesterol and Sickle Cell.

How do individuals benefit from the NHF?

The NHF seeks to reduce the out-of-pocket expenditure for person registered with the Fund and who use public or private sector participating pharmacies, for specific pharmaceuticals used in treating the illnesses covered.

Will I have to apply for NHF benefits?

Yes. To access benefits persons apply for benefits by completing a NHF Application Form.

Are application forms easily available?

Yes. Application forms are available at doctors' office, health centers, hospitals, pharmacies, Customer Service Desks at Mandeville Hospital, St. Ann's Bay, Cornwall Regional Hospital and at the National Health Fund Offices located at 25 Dominica Drive, New Kingston.

How do I register?

  • Collect a NHF Application Form from your doctor, hospital, health clinic, pharmacy, NHF Head Office or NHF Helpdesk locations.

  • Take it to your doctor who will fill in the illnesses that the applicant has. The doctor must sign the card including his or her doctor’s registration number.

  • Fill out all the relevant sections of the card – name address, date of birth, gender and your Tax Registration Number (TRN). If you do not have a TRN card, apply to your nearest Tax Office.

  • Ensure that you copy the number correctly on your application or attach a photocopy to the completed application form and mail or take them to the NHF office.

  • An adult or a legal guardian must sign the application card for children under the age of 18.

NB. Everyone applying for NHF Individual Benefits, including children must have a TRN. The Tax Office is ready to assist parents and guardians to obtain TRN cards for their infants and children.

Will I get a health card and how long will it take?

Yes. You will receive a health card to use when purchasing your medication from any NHF participating pharmacies.

You card will be ready in approximately 2 weeks after the application is processed and will be mailed to the address stated on the application form.

What age group can benefit?

All persons suffering from any one or more of the listed illnesses, young or old can benefit from the Fund.

How much will I have to pay for medication?

NHF will pay the participating pharmacies an agreed price for each prescribed medication. You will be required to pay a co-payment, which is the difference between the retail selling price and what NHF will pay. The co-payment will vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

I am now a JADEP beneficiary; will I benefit from the NHF?

Yes. The NHF covers more illnesses and provides a wider range of pharmaceutical benefits than JADEP. All JADEP members can be covered by the NHF.

Will my JADEP benefits continue after I apply for NHF?

Yes. Beneficiaries of JADEP will continue receiving benefits. These persons may also register with the NHF to receive additional benefits.

Will I have to renew my NHF card?

No, the expiry date on the card will not prevent you from accessing the benefits. Expiry dates are not printed on newer cards.

What if I get a "new" illness?

If you suffer a new illness covered by the NHF you will apply for this additional benefit by using the blue NHF Change Form. NB. Your doctor will have to sign the NHF Change Form in this instance.

What if I lose my card?

If your card is lost or destroyed it will be replaced FREE of cost when it is reported.

You also need to complete the NHF Change Form to have your card replaced. NB. Your doctor DOES NOT have to sign the NHF Change Form in this instance.

Can I pay for the medication and claim from the NHF?

No. The NHF will not reimburse any beneficiary.

Can I use my private health card along with my NHF card?

Yes. You can use your health card along with your NHF card. NHF will be the first provider.

How confidential is my information with the NHF?

All information is kept confidential and secured. It is the policy of the National Health Fund to protect the privacy of its members. All our claims are adjudicated electronically which makes the handling of data very private and confidential.