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The National Health Fund Coordination of Benefits (NHFCoB) is a mechanism which was developed to make it easier for NHF provider pharmacies to efficiently process prescriptions using multiple health cards from various carriers.

NHFCoB makes it easy and convenient for NHF beneficiaries to maximize their health insurance benefits and further reduce their out-of-pocket payments.

NHF CoB reduces the administrative burden on pharmacies and also improves efficiency and reduces costs.

Who will benefit?

NHF beneficiaries who are primary or dependent on at least one private health insurance carrier will be able to benefit if they are enrolled for coordination of benefits.

How does one enrol for NHFCoB?

To enrol for NHFCoB you must provide your private health insurance carrier with your Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) and indicate your interest to participate in the Plan.

How does one benefit using NHFCoB?

You must use a NHFCoB participating provider pharmacy. These will be identified with a decal (sticker) – “NHFCoB Provider”. The NHF will publish a list of providers in the media from time to time.

How does it work?

Your NHF card benefit will be processed first, then the card where you are the primary beneficiary. 
If you are a dependent on a third card , for example, on your spouse’s card, the benefit from that card will also be applied.  
Beneficiaries will hand in their prescription with a health card to the pharmacist. 
You will not need to present all your cards. Your prescription will be processed and the pharmacist will inform you of the payment you should make.

How does a child benefit?

Where a child who is a dependent on his/her parents card, the fathers card is the primary card and will be used first.

Example - Member costing with C.O.B

Cost of Drug $2500
NHF pays (40%) $1000
Balance $1500

Carrier # 2 pays (80%) $1200
Balance $300

Carrier # 3 pays (80%) $240
Final Co-Pay $60

Will beneficiaries have an option to use or not to use NHFCoB?

If you provide the private health insurance carrier with your TRN and enrol for NHFCoB you do not have an option when you go to a participating NHFCoB provider pharmacy. NHFCoB will be activated whenever any of your multiple cards is swiped by a participating provider pharmacy.

If you are on NHFCoB and do not wish to use the plan at a given time, you will have to go to a non-participating NHFCoB pharmacy and have your prescription processed there.

Can beneficiaries now enrol for NHFCoB?

Yes. NHFCoB is now available through Sagicor and Guardian Life for their MedeCus.

Can I cancel my NHFCoB Plan at anytime if I do not wish to continue?

Yes. You will have to make this request to your plan administrator or private insurance carrier for the change to be made.