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JADEP provides a specific list of drugs free of cost, to beneficiaries who are 60 years and over for the treatment of ten (10) chronic illnesses.

Drugs are dispensed as needed, however, if a beneficiary has received their monthly supply, they cannot return to the pharmacy until twenty four (24) days have passed for a refill.



What is the Jamaica Drugs for the Elderly Programme?

The Jamaica Drug For the Elderly Programme (JADEP) is a public-private sector collaborative effort which was launched by the Ministry of Health in 1996. The Programme is now managed by the National Health Fund (NHF).

The objective of JADEP is to improve access to essential drugs through payment subsidies for persons suffering from ten (10) chronic illnesses.

Who Can Become a Member of JADEP?

All Jamaican residents, sixty years of age and older, who have been diagnosed with one or more of the conditions covered, are eligible to enrol for JADEP membership.

Application Process

All Jamaican resident sixty years of age and older, who have been diagnosed with one or more of the conditions covered, are eligible to enroll for JADEP membership.
Collect a NHF Application Form from your doctor, hospital, health clinic, pharmacy, NHF Head Office or NHF Helpdesk locations.

You can enroll for JADEP at any government health centres, National Council for Senior Citizens, NHF Head Office or Helpdesk locations.

You need proof of age, which can be one of the following:

Birth certificate
Driver’s licence
National Voter’s Identification Card
Senior Citizens Identification Card
Letter from a Justice of the Peace (JP), medical doctor or pastor, verifying age.
If you cannot go to an enrolment centre you can ask someone to do so for you, but you must send proof of age.

How much will I have to pay for my medication?

When you use your JADEP membership card. You only pay:
$40 for one item on your prescription
$80 for two items on your prescription
$120 for three items on your prescription
$160 for four items on your prescription
$200 for five items on your prescription
$240 for six items or more on your prescription

Can JADEP Beneficiaries can enroll for the National Health Fund (NHF) Membership?

Yes. The NHF covers more illnesses and provides a wider range of pharmaceutical benefits than JADEP.

You can enroll with the NHF to get the additional benefits, as NHF covers fifteen (15) conditions with over a thousand (1000) items which are dispensed based on your need. While JADEP covers ten (10) conditions with seventy two (72) items which carry a monthly supply limit.

Once you are enrolled as a JADEP beneficiary you will be given a JADEP membership card. You must use it at the participating government or private pharmacies which display the JADEP sign. JADEP refill is allowed on the 27th day after a month's supply.

List of Drugs Coverd by JADEP

Click here to see sample JADEP application form

Remember, You must hand in your membership card with your prescription when you go or send to the pharmacy in order to get the benefit. You or your bearer will be asked to sign a receipt.