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Individual Benefits

The National Health Fund Individual Benefits assist individuals meet their cost of prescriptions, for specific chronic illnesses. It provides pharmaceutical support for the treatment of these illnesses through two programmes:


cob linkThe NHFcard which provides subsidies to beneficiaries of all ages to treat 16 chronic illnesses. Every person living in Jamaica, diagnosed with any of the sixteen (16) chronic illnesses covered is eligible for coverage.There is no age limit, young and old, as well as rich and poor can benefit from NHF.


JADEP which provides a specific list of drugs free of cost, to beneficiaries who are 60 years and over for the treatment of ten (10) chronic illnesses 

Drugs are dispensed as needed, however, if an NHF beneficiary has received their monthly supply, they cannot return to the pharmacy until twenty four (24) days have passed for a refill.

 Under JADEP, a refill will be allowed on the twenty seventh (27th) day after a month's supply.



Click Here - Additional Benefits for Beneficiaries registered for Diabetes and Asthma

NHF Beneficiaries who are diagnosed as diabetic are also eligible for: 

Subsidized cost for: 

  • Test strips used to measure blood or urine sugar levels
  • Lancets Syringes or needles used to administer insulin dosages 

NHF Beneficiaries who are diagnosed as asthmatic are also eligible for subsidies on asthmatic spacers and masks.

Please see " ASTHMA - RESPIRATORY DEVICES " in the drug subsidy list for details.